In probably the most diverse sector we finance we come across all different types of Plant and Machinery to finance. We’ve financed Yellow Plant down to ornate steam engines.

Hire Purchase is an excellent way to finance your Plant and Machinery. Investment costs of the magnitude involved in many purchases of this nature can be a fundamental part of a business’s short, medium and long term success so it needs to be done right and at the lowest cost.

Our customers can’t be wrong. With experience of over 50 years in the finance industry we have built our business on the back of our reputation. That reputation has been built by listening to our customers’ needs, being clear about what we can do and the timeframe in which we can do it and then delivering on ALL of our promises, without fail.

Call us today for a quote. We’ll need to take some basic details from you first to understand your needs but we’re confident that after the initial consultation we will have you feeling great about our service, the quote and the process needed to complete the agreement.